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Did You Know? Daily Trivia!!

June 13, 2011

Did you know? One inch of rain falling on a one-acre parking lot produces 16 times more runoff by volume than the same inch of rain falling on a one-acre meadow.
One way we can help this problem is with permeable pavement, a type of asphalt that allows stormwater to seep through the pavement instead of running off the top into storm drains; collecting oil, sediment, and other harmful substances along the way.

Permeable Pavement allows water to percolate through into the ground, rather than just run off along the surface.


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It's easy to see how harmful chemicals, debris and other substances enter our water supply. This storm drain leads straight to the nearest stream or creek.


Williamston High School in Martin County, NC installed permeable pavement in their parking lot in 2008.