Another Great Planting Event!

We had another great day planting this past Saturday, with about 20 of us volunteers planting 130 trees on two properties.  Another huge thanks to all of our volunteers who made it possible! Representing were community members and neighbors, Mitch Woodward of the NC Cooperative Extension, Laura Webb Smith from the City of Durham, and the landowners.  Once again, we got all of our native shrub and tree material from Cure Nursery, and the City of Durham and Keep Durham Beautiful provided us with mulch and planting tools.

Laura Webb Smith talked about the City of Durham’s Adopt-a-Stream program and how to get involved and then Mitch Woodward of the NC Cooperative Extension gave another great demonstration on how to plant trees.

This project has been funded by a grant from the Home Depot Foundation via the Center for Watershed Protection.  A huge thank you to them for making these projects possible and for providing the UNRBA with a unique opportunity to reach out to the public and encourage the use of riparian buffers as a tool for protecting water quality in the Upper Neuse River Basin.  Visit the Clean Water Education Partnership’s website for more information on planting trees, selecting trees, local nurseries that sell native vegetation, how to care for your trees once they’re planted, and the benefits of riparian vegetation on water quality and aquatic habitat.  Remember that keeping and planting native shrubs and trees along your streams and creeks helps keep water clean for swimming, drinking, and fishing, and maintains a safe environment for the wildlife that depend on these systems for survival!  Join your neighbors in planting trees and do your part to help keep our water clean!


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